Tuggs Bungee Cord, Beach Towel Clip and Light-duty Tie Down

  • Tuggs bungee cords make a luxury travel gift!Tuggs are the world's best light-duty bungee cords — a revolutionary new product.
  • Must-have travel accessories for the beach or pool — keep your beach towel snug on your chair. Makes a luxury travel gift!
  • Bungees are tangle-free and stretch up to 3x their length at a 3-pound capacity. Clips are unbreakable plastic.
  • 100% rust-free — even in marine environments — and UV protected against fading or cracking.
  • Lifetime guarantee. 100% made in Canada and the USA.

Tuggs are a multi-purpose light-duty bungee cord. They have so many uses…

  • Hold your towel onto your beach chair;
  • Hang wet bathing suits, undies, or gloves;
  • Tie down flyaway picnic tablecloths;
  • Secure cargo to your boat or bike rack;
  • You can easily separate the clips to use solo as chip-clips or clothespins;
  • And hundreds of other uses, as diverse as your imagination!

The clip on each end has grippy teeth that hold onto most fabrics, wires or rods – without scratches or damage. This brand-new patented clip design makes Tuggs much more versatile than the old hook style – it can grab onto all kinds of things without needing to have a hole or grommet. And the 1-¼” deep clip throat will reach over many things that a hook can't get around.

The bungee is super-stretchy and tangle-free, and extends up to 3x its length with a maximum of 3lbs (1.4kg) pull force. The elastic is a one-piece molded part with flared ends, so it will never fray or come undone.

If you love to camp or travel, Tuggs are must-have travel gear. At the beach, they will keep you from constantly having to readjust your beach towel. And in the wilderness, they have a hundred uses for only 42g (1.5oz) of weight in your pack.

Tuggs Bungees are 100% made in Canada and the USA with ultra-high-quality materials, designed to last a lifetime. They are completely odour-free. There are no metal parts so they will never rust, and they are UV protected so they will never crack or fade.

Our lifetime guarantee will replace any parts that break due to manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship, for as long as you own the product.

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